Twin Lakes!

Email me at uw.americorps@ to sign up! We will hike in a little over a mile to the campsite and set up camp for the weekend. Then we will do tons of fun activities like swimming, learning about the plants in the area, hiking, and more environmental education activities. The $25 includes transportation & food for the weekend. We also have gear like backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags available for use for the weekend. twinlakess


Camp Hucrest

Camp Hucrest was a blast! Umpqua Watersheds was happy to have a presence there and presented on the properties of water to over 70 students. Students experimented with cohesion and adhesion and learned more about their local watershed. It was a beautiful day to learn in the great outdoors, and the presenters ended the day with a fun trip on the zipline!IMG_0928

Camp Eastwood!

Last week was a week to remember with Eastwood. I got to see some of my Science Wednesday students and be a camp leader for their big 5th grade campout. It was sunny and bright outside and the students were even brighter! They panned for gold, hiked, learned about forests and all sorts of science topics.

Final Science Wednesday

It has been a blast working with these youth at Eastwood. They are so bright, curious, and fun! The sun came out for our celebration of science so we used last week’s compass navigation skills and our GPS units to play a review game and go search for geocaches. The winning group got some awesome prizes to continue their science adventures outside of the classroom. See ya soon at Camp Eastwood!

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Science Wednesday: Compass Navigation

The school year is nearing its end and this summer weather is making more appearances in our Science Wednesday adventures. This past week, we ventured out to the Eastwood field and trail to master our orienteering skills. Did you know that a compass always points north, but it’s not necessarily the North Pole; it’s magnetic north! These smart young scientists know that now and took their compasses out for a spin to take the bearings of some trees and other landmarks. Only one more week left of our adventures!