Final week at Hucrest: GPS!

The sun came out and provided a glorious environment for our final Science Wednesday. Students gathered in teams to go geocaching around campus and answer review questions from the past lessons.


Compass navigation at Hucrest

A bit of cold weather didn’t stop these students from testing their navigation skills outside. It was also hat day at school which provided fun attire for the outing. We took some bearings,  looked for a secret location and imagined what it would be like to rely solely on a compass. It was a lot of fun and will provide direction for next week’s  GPS navigation.

Snowstorms in a jar

Students took their lessons in weather and climate and created snowstorms in a jar. This simple experiment creates a glittery, swirling mess in a jar. If you want to try it at home, all you need is: white paint, glitter, baby oil, water and alka seltzer. The alka seltzer creates a reaction that separates the water and oil and causes a tornado-like swirl in the mix.

Food Chains with Hucrest

Science Wednesday at Hucrest has a full class of excited students, eager to jump into hands-on activities in science. We are going on our third week of lessons. Last week we focused on food chains and food webs in the forest. Students showed us their artistic side and drew their forest creatures after playing a game. 51221362_254491765469325_6610429129286221824_n (1)51223803_801796566821225_8908921984872611840_n51510852_841588872848348_6583682237630251008_n51646040_2791515921074425_879852199801257984_n51752271_644647295954265_6786065795311992832_n51253922_777898695925357_5136621920686440448_n

Fishing with Fremont

After learning rules, regulations, fish anatomy, fish identification, and knot tying with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fremont Middle School students were ready to try their hand at fishing! We traveled to Cooper Creek where students worked together to practice baiting hooks and casting lines. We didn’t get any bites, but everyone had a great afternoon exploring fishing and outdoor recreation. Thanks to ODFW for allowing us to come along, and thank you to the local fishermen who volunteered their time for the field trip and class time.