Fishing with Fremont

After learning rules, regulations, fish anatomy, fish identification, and knot tying with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fremont Middle School students were ready to try their hand at fishing! We traveled to Cooper Creek where students worked together to practice baiting hooks and casting lines. We didn’t get any bites, but everyone had a great afternoon exploring fishing and outdoor recreation. Thanks to ODFW for allowing us to come along, and thank you to the local fishermen who volunteered their time for the field trip and class time.


Food Webs and Tree Rings with Fullerton!

Fifth grade students at Fullerton Elementary have had the chance to do some hands on science in their classroom in addition to their Science Wednesday program.

At the beginning of November, students in Mrs. Cunningham’s and Mr. Lofton’s classes learned more about food webs. We talked about how everything in the environment is interconnected, including humans! We also had a chance to practice our drawing and puzzle solving skills in a guessing game focused on parts of our environment.

Last week, Mrs. Cunningham’s class explored dendrochronology, the study of tree aging. They used their acting skills to learn the parts of a living tree, and practiced their observation techniques while examining/aging tree slices. Thanks to DCPARC for allowing us to use their impressive tree slices for our exploration!

Science Wednesday with Fullerton Elementary

This marks week four of working with Fullerton 5th graders at Science Wednesday! Our group of 20 students have been getting hands on and learning about the environment. We have learned about the water cycle and water chemistry, discovered the difference between weather and climate, and discussed the importance of the carbon cycle. We only have two more weeks left of this program! Coming up: soils/erosion and GPS navigation.

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Getting Messy with the BGCUV Garden Club!

We have been partnering with the garden club at the Boys and Girls Club to teach lessons that connect the environment to their usual gardening activities. A few weeks ago, students learned about the different components of soil and got to see a soil layer profile. Then they used a mortar and pestle to grind dry soil into fine particles to make paint! They used their creativity to paint patterns and designs with the different shades of brown soil. To celebrate Thanksgiving last week, we helped make a squash soup. Students worked to remove cooked squash from the skin and mash it up before cooking it and seasoning it themselves. Tasty and messy!

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