Interested in Camping out?!

Join us at our 16th Annual Twin Lakes Youth Wilderness Campout!  Ages 12-18.  Registration $30, space is limited!  Get your spots today! Deadline extended to July 10th!


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Eastwood Camp-Out!

Last week I got to spend 3 days camping out with Eastwood’s 5th graders at ‘Camp Eastwood’!  We had a blast attending outdoor lessons including; getting in the water searching for gold, orienteering, tree talks, feeling animal pelts and more!  It was wonderful getting the opportunity to be a group leader for the campout and being with all the amazing students!

Thanks Eastwood!

Camp Kellogg

Last week at Camp Kellogg we got the chance to teach Hucrest 5th graders about Water Chemistry!  We did hands-on activities learning about the properties of water and their uses in nature!  The students had a blast getting their hands a little wet at their first ever Science Camp-Out!

Thanks Hucrest for a great turn-out and your interest in science!

Thanks Tri-City Elementary!

Last week was our last Crater Lake Field Trips for the season and we had wonderful classes!  This could be the last time the students get to see Crater Lake with all its glorious snow and they definitely had time to appreciate its immense beauty on this crisp and sunny day!  We want to thank for all the schools participation and the support from the Gray Family Foundation for funding these awe-inspiring, educational field trips!   We had an amazing time and we know the students did too!